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The Terminal at Katy Trail is home to the finest residences in Dallas, just 16 in all. In the tradition of the grand buildings in the world’s other great cities, The Terminal is a mix of elegance, sophistication, discretion, and presence. Its luxuries know no limits, from quality craftsmanship and sweeping views to ground-floor shops and restaurants. The Terminal divines its name — and its one-of-a-kind aura — from its site’s history along what was once an important railroad line, hand-built in the 1860s. The Terminal, at the corner of beautiful Buena Vista Street and bustling Fitzhugh Avenue, and along the beloved Katy Trail, is at once discreet and decadent, cloistered yet connected. It is Dallas’ most intriguing impossibility. The setting for a life like no other. You have arrived.




4205 Buena Vista Street, Dallas TX 75205 

Residential Inquiries Contact:
Blake Shipp-
Lindsay Shipp-
or 214.765.2297

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Luxury Residences, Bespoke Shops, Fresh Food Experiences, Private Office Space.

4205 Buena Vista Street, Dallas, TX 75205

The Terminal at Katy Trail, Dallas, Capitol Peak Ventures

Katy Trail Dallas, Luxury Living, Luxury Real Estate 

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The Terminal at Katy Trail. All rights reserved.

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but also grounds the building with the trail. Of course, with eateries and watering holes (the developer packet lists “chia pudding” among other delicacies – whatever that is), Regardless of the menu, I’m sure the beckoning is meant to encourage Katy Trail patrons to jog with more moneyaccess,What’s also cool about these lower two floors is the publicly accessible cut through from the street to the Katy Trail. It not only enables
Replacing an orange stucco low-rise, The Terminal would be a vast improvement. The proposed building is designed to house 25 for sale condos, averaging 2,500 square feet, on the upper five floors with various eateries and offices below. The “Terminal” name and imagery are meant to evoke a train terminal, paying homage to the Katy Trail’s roots as a train line. The first two stories have a train terminal reminiscence with oversized arched windows and dark brick. The glass will surely make working or eating in these spaces light-filled with excellent views of the Katy (and scantily clad summertime joggers).
all is rosy, there’s a pinch of odd. It took me a while to figure out why a portion of the building’s front stuck out (right). It makes the whole building look like it’s been jostled off its base a little. The reason is that the building has to bend out of the way of the huge electrical tower at left. The needed cantilever effects that part of the building from front to back.I figure there’s little choice in order to get the interiors to work best and not electrocute residents, but it’s still an oddity to the eye that’s made more noticeable by the change in brick color. The bump out reduces some setbacks above 36 feet (part of the developer asks).NotThe Terminal – 4205 Buena Vista Street at Fitzhugh and Katy TrailThe Terminal- Fitzhugh @ Katy Trail (Condos + Retail/Office)
of developer asks, aside from one tree fewer on the Fitzhugh and Buena Vista elevations, they’re asking for 3.6-to-1 FAR instead of 2.5-to-1. But the added FAR equates to a taller building (that’s still below zoned height) so they can drop the lot coverage from the zoned 80 percent to the proposed 62.5 percent. This should make the connectivity with the Katy that much stronger (as if the chia pudding needed help – ha!).

Note three to Victory Park – all parking, valet, trash and loading will be underground.

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